About Me!

Grampy here. Real name is Russ. Just a little info about me in case anyone is curious. The mysterious man behind the blog. Actually I am a rather simple man living a simple life. We live in a Senior Retirement Community. It is not what I was use to. I am getting use to it and like it very much.
I am a member of the social club. We meet once a month and plan out fun activities to do. Mostly involving food. Although we have our Annual Tag Sale in the Spring. I also help out with the computer club from time to time.
I do a lot of volunteer work working on computers. I’ll show you how old I am. I had a Commodore Computer. At the time I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I then became friends with a man that owned a computer store. I built my own computer. Now a days it is cheaper to buy them. I have seven grandchildren. I see three of them. I wish I could see the others more. I won’t go into that. We baby sit for one of my grandchilden so she is with us a lot. If you go on my blog her pretty little face will pop up a lot.
I drove a city Bus for 28 years. I hated it all the time. Or at least most of the time. I retired at 62. Couldn’t deal any more. Now the health insurance is grabbing most of my pension. Looks like I am going to have to get a part time job.
Can anyone use an old man living in Conn. for odd jobs or something. I may have to drive a school Bus. I don’t want to work in the summer anyway. So many that wouldn’t be so bad. That is about all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else I will update. March 24 2011.

Vintage Recipe Thursday

I have relinked with Joy and plan to keep it up. Go over and check out her blog for a whole lot of goodies.
I have got a little treat for you. It is a Betty Crocker Cookbook I picked up at a tag sale. Copyright 1958. I am going to scan it in and deliver a new page here every week. It contains the entire meal. You may download it if you would like to try it. Enlarge the photo on your computer and have fun. If you cook something let me know and I will feature your post here. Hope you enjoy
Now this is fast and easy also. Well unless you cook it all. Starts out with Lamb Chops. Moves to potato Anna. Mint green peas. And then I’ll take the Pineapple Towers. I love both pineapple and ice cream.

Weekend Linky Love

Welcome to Grampys Place!
This is my weekly Link up. It will be posted every Saturday and come down on Monday. I will be posting a list of the linkers on my sidebar each week. They will stay up for the week. No comment is necessary. Just trying to get to know everyone.

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